I'm Andrew Stebenné.

An iridescent golden beetle on a fingertip: my avatar.

This is my website, acstb.name.

My friends know me as a man possessed of great hair and of adamant opinions about modern history. My wife, an incredible ingénue to whom I am profoundly indebted, knows me mainly as a nuisanceand sometimes, hopefully, as a helpful presence around the house. ♒️ ♒️

By trade I'm a programmer. I primarily build websites with Next.js, but I take pleasure in solving interesting problems of any type. My resume is available.

I can be reached at any of these links:

Or look for me online, under @arthropodSeven or @acstb, wherever fine nicknames are used.

I'm still working out what I'd be interested in blogging about here, but for the one person who's paying attention, trust that it's still on my mind. 🙂